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The project consisted of redeveloping commercial tracts in South Orange County to support two new car dealerships. Spanning an area of 29 acres, Appian designed the infrastructure for a total building square footage of 68,000 square feet and enough parking to support 1,500 inventory vehicles.

The existing site was a dealership with inadequate space to accommodate the sales volume. Compounding the space constraints, the previous engineer did not properly review historical permits that allowed connection to the master system, which resulted in the construction of an independent storm system that wasted 18% of the already constrained site.

Acquiring the entitlements required working within an active Development of Regional Impact (DRI) with Planned Development (PD) zoning as opposed to a simple, straight-zoned parcel, Appian Engineering successfully coordinated and obtained permits with Orange County, South Florida Water Management District, Florida Department of Transportation, Florida Department Environmental Protection, Federal Emergency Management Agency, and the Orlando Utility Commission, which all held jurisdiction over the site. Our experience and uncommon knowledge of Central Florida were essential in successful coordination of this complex project with the myriad agencies involved.

The end result is a thriving dealership that is on the verge of further expansion due to their continued success. As a consultant, Appian eliminated a wasteful on-site pond, a canal no longer being used by FDOT, while gaining additional imperviousness on the site by using previously permitted runoff that was no longer being diverted to the master system. This equated to approximately 4 additional acres for inventory storage use.

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