Appian Engineering was founded to provide unique engineering design solutions for today’s market, providing a wide range of services above and beyond a typical engineering firm.

Utilizing our experience and professional working relationships, we are able to lead to our clients through the complex design and entitlement process resulting in the end product they imagined. Appian provides a wide range of services to our clients above and beyond a typical engineering firm.

In addition to entitlement acquisition, planning, GIS, construction administration and civil engineering design, we provide horizontal team management. In the fast paced economic world of development, clients need consultants that will provide superior guidance and meet aggressive deadlines allowing them to achieve their goals.

Above all, Appian is proud of the many projects we have completed that contribute to the continued building and shaping of Central Florida. This includes a wide range of projects consisting of apartments, single family residential, commercial, transportation overlay, master planning, assisted living facilities, student housing, municipal and multiple institutional uses.

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Appian is proud to have completed so many developments that contribute to the growth and shaping of Central Florida. We use form and function to breathe life into our projects.


Appian projects are led by engaged principals with vast experience in every part of the project management and development process across a wide variety of markets.


Senior Project Manager/Principal

Luke has been practicing Civil Engineering Land Development in Central Florida for 20 plus years. He excels at project management, keeping them on-time and on-budget, and analyzing proposed projects for client benefits and impacts on neighboring areas.

Born and raised in Orlando, Luke attended college at UCF and FIT. He and his wife Amanda have 2 children, Bella and Bentley. Faith and family are among the top priorities in his life. Aside from growing Appian Engineering, Luke enjoys travel, snow skiing, and playing games with friends and family.

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Senior Project Manager/Principal

Major Stacy is a civil engineer with 18+ years of engineering experience and 5+ years of construction experience. On the weekends, he enjoys spending time outdoors, typically either on the boat or at the beach with his family.

Mr. Stacy absorbs clients’ goals and works to coordinate and ultimately align them with the goals of the City and County. His ability to join the two together and craft a common goal is credited to his extensive experience with agencies, officials, and his diverse range of clients.

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In 2010, Appian was founded by two entrepreneurial professional engineers…

…and experienced quick growth serving as a program leader for all of the horizontal team design and permitting needs.

Project Managers are assembled in small teams allowing Appian the ability and discretion to make timely related business and design decisions on our behalf without needing “committee” approval, which facilitates the streamlining of our overall process.

Appian primarily represents private clients including property owners, developers, end user operators, homebuilders, and design-build contractors in all phases of development for ALF/ILF, medical, hospitals, commercial/retail, industrial, office, residential, multifamily and mixed-use projects.

Time after time, our methods have proven successful when overseeing the permitting design and plans preparation for site/civil related development projects, proposal preparations, feasibility studies, budgeting, billing, and project coordination, all while meeting demanding schedules.


Flexibility, growth, and a positive workplace.

What more could you want? How about…

  • Competitive compensation
  • 401(k) contribution matching
  • Health insurance
  • Dental and vision insurance
  • Three weeks of paid time off
  • Holiday pay
  • Bonuses
  • Relaxed office atmosphere
  • Great learning environment
  • Lunch & Learn events
  • Team outings
  • Stability and support
Engineer a career that loves you back.

There are some great engineering firms out there, but “great” isn’t good enough for us – we provide an unparalleled level of expertise, guidance, and service. Delivering the quality and consistency our clients have come to expect from us is rewarding and fascinating, but it’s not easy – it requires a devoted and highly-skilled team.

Improve your life. Impact the world.

Professional experiences and triumphs can make a living, but it doesn’t make a life. At Appian Engineering, ‘work-life balance’ isn’t a recruiting buzzword, but a stasis we strive to maintain. We learned that a positive work-life balance is the one and only key to the most sought-after traits like ambition, creativity, ingenuity, and happiness.

The spaces we help bring to life are meaningful contributions towards a better world, and the projects we complete are our life’s work.

If you think you’re a fit for our culture, we’d love to talk with you.

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